Monday, August 2, 2010

Mompreneurship: Part I

Opportunity In Disguise

Julie Aigner-Clark
Founder: Baby Einstein

Julie Aigner-Clark, the founder of Baby Einstein, is an exemplar of the ‘Mompreneurship’ ! She made a paradigm shift just by looking at a problem as an opportunity.

When Julie Aigner-Clark had her first daughter, she became fascinated by the research/studies on the capacity of newborns to learn. She wanted to buy something for her baby that was both educational, appropriate for her baby’s development and at the same time fun for both of them. She couldn’t find anything in the market.

Aigner thought that if she couldn’t find what she was looking for, maybe other mothers were in the same situation. This gave birth to the idea
of making age-appropriate, development-stimulating videos for babies. She filmed her first video in her basement, with a friend’s camera and a cat as a prop. The rest is history. Julies Aigner-Clark created one of the most successful children’s educational videos of all time.

The Perspective:
When you face some problem in your day to day life, or if you cannot find any service or product which you think would ease the day to day hassles in your life, then often it is an opportunity in disguise. With our life-styles changing and evolving around many aspects, it is highly probable to find gaps in the markets. The important thing is to spot these gaps as opportunity points and tap its potential.

Aigner spotted one such gap. She came across an opportunity while increasing her information and knowledge about the development phases of babies. First she was a customer demanding a product, which would utilize the new found studies [knowledge] about the learning capacity of babies and children at large. When she found the marketplace empty, she turned into an entrepreneur, thinking about making such a product herself. She tapped into the market gap by presenting her product innovatively - by producing stimulating, age appropriate videos for babies. No one had ever thought of videos for babies earlier.

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