Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emerging Market Segments and Trends: Part I

Online Collaboration In Verticals

The Web 2.0 is a passing concept now in the West, paving way to Web 3.0 already. Though the concept of Web 2.0 [practically 2004 onwards], has picked up in India, surprisingly e-commerce which is a phenomenonon of Web 1.0, has not picked up drastically. Online collaboration is yet to penetrate in some segments.

The concept of portals [horizontal and vertical] is long-standing now. Though horizontal portals in India have splurged into almost every segment, vortals [or vertical portals] are yet to
diffuse through some sectors. Connecting people with Information, Experts and Commerce overlays a lot of opportunities.

Vortals [vertical portals] in specific industry and interest points; connecting specific interest contents with commerce and community, including personalization seems to the emerging market in India now.

Take for example the cottage industry, hand-made arts and crafts and contemporary art are such verticals which need better online collaboration.

Chandini Harlalka has founded with a vision to provide a platform for the buyers and the artists. She is trying to streamline the art industry and do away with the dominance of art galleries who monopolize some artists; whereas some deserving artists go into oblivion. She intends to provide a fair chance to both the art enthusiasts and the artists.

Very soon I shall publish my interview with Chandini. So, stay tuned!

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