Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mompreneurship - New Dimension To The Ideology of Entrepreneurship [Part II]

Are All Women Entrepreneurs Mompreneurs Also?

The answer is an emphatic "No". Mompreneurship is a subset of Women Entrepreneurship [or Womenpreneurship].

Mompreneurs are the Women Entrepreneurs [or womenpreneurs] whose motivation and idea conceptualization have cropped up from motherhood. Mompreneurs are not born out of the need to do something on their own; not by any perceived opportunity sighted as a result of their work experience or as a lacuna in an industry. Mompreneurs are born out of the devine gift of motherhood.

Mompreneurs are those women who may not have otherwise decided to be an entrepreneur, but have come across the frustration of not finding a product or a service that is just right for her baby/kid or that can attend to any specific need of mother-child set-up. The focus here is on the source of motivation - motherhood plays an important part in identifying an opportunity while traversing through the stages of motherhood itself. The motivation does not stem out like the way it does in case of the typical women entrepreneurship.

Though most of the women entrepreneurs would, at some point in time, go through motherhood, but their entrepreneurial drive would have origin in the regular format of entrepreneurial outlook. Put in simple terms, all Mompreneurs are Womenpreneurs, but all Womenpreneurs are not Mompreneurs. When a mom is developing innovative products and unique solutions to common household issues, a mompreneur is born. Motherhood is a great motivator in this case.

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