Thursday, October 7, 2010

Home Sprung Business Model: Part III

Capture The Household Services Pie

Till about recently, the household sector has been a much-ignored sector in terms of providing services to specific needs. Needless to say that the scalability of any service ventured into this segment will be vast, and revenue potential -- very lucrative.

Sean Blagsvedt, founder of, has addressed one of the needs in informal employment segment [hiring a driver, a babysitter, a cook, a plumber etc.], which targets the educated double-income working class.

This market has been in clutter and chaos, where the employers would go about looking for a domestic help [usually a driver, a cook or a babysitter] by asking their neighbors or friends for references. Similarly the service providers, [like drivers or cooks] would go around spreading a word that they need work; getting references and employment through informal word-of-mouth method. Sean streamlined the market and brought together the two parties on an online platform. At, you can become a member by paying a nominal fee, and hire any domestic help with just a click of a button. The credentials of the prospective employees are available as scanned images, along with the complete profile of the prospective employees.

There are many such opportunities that revolve around the needs of the upper-middle class household sector in India. Take weddings for example. Wedding is a big social event for a couple who is getting married, and for their respective families, relatives and friends. While everyone wants to enjoy the revered occasion, it makes a lot of sense to ‘outsource’ the complete organizing activities to trusted ‘someone’. Thus, springs a ‘need’ [entrepreneurial opportunity] for a trusted wedding planner/organizer.

Another service need which has surfaced primarily in the metros of India, is the need for an extended arm for the senior citizens [and for those nuclear families where both the spouses are working] for day-to-day activities, which they find a little difficult to do because of either infrastructure problems or just the mental non-readiness to the fact that they have to be living independently during their sunset years due to the increasing mobility that is demanded of the younger employable population, in the wake of globalization. With the age-old tradition of joint-families in India and close-knit family culture, it is difficult for the current retiring generation to accept their nuclear family status even after retirement.

So why not pitch-in and provide a services which revolve around these senior citizens, which will reduce the nostalgia and keep up their active lives, leaving them feeling happy and secured? With her entrepreneurial genius, Manjiri Joshi Gokhale conceptualized this venture and formed Maya CARE Services to extend help to the senior citizens and anybody who might need it due to lack of time in their daily schedules.

Stay tuned to read interview with Manjiri Joshi Gokhale, founder Maya CARE Services.

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