Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interview With Sima Thakkar,

Featuring Woman Entrepreneur

Sima Thakkar,

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Connect Gen-Y With Culture] is an engaging how-to website that educates second generation audiences on age-old cultural traditions and nuances in a fresh fashion. This ingenious idea was conceptualized by Sima Thakkar, who experimented with her first entrepreneurial stint when she was in colege. Read more about this interesting business concept, in my interview with Sima.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cloud Computing – The Next Norm in IT

Understanding An Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Cloud Computing Services are geared to be the next wave in the IT Industry and are all set to be the norm of the day, in about 10-15 years. It will redefine the role of IT in most of the SMEs and also in the corporate bigwigs. Almost every analyst/CIO has been found to be accommodating towards this nascent concept of IT service possibility. Though it will be premature to say how exactly the services will rule the roost, Cloud Computing is certainly taking shape in form of verticals like IaaS, Paas, and SaaS to name some. It has gone beyond the awareness stages for some of the IT behemoths and innovation envoys like IBM and Google. But for most of us it has not gone beyond the awareness stage.

Cloud Computing is definitely here to stay. Gartner in its report identifies Cloud Computing as Top 10 strategic technologies for 2011. What is Cloud Computing? In simple language, to quote from Wikipedia, ‘Cloud computing is Web-based processing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices (such as smartphones) on demand over the Internet’. It is same as using any other utility services [like electricity, water or the television cable services].

Interview With Unnati Narang, Serene Woods

Featuring Woman Entrepreneur

Unnati Narang, CoFounder Serene Woods

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Web 2.0 and Online Collaboration in Vertical - Publishing & Photography]

SereneWoods was formed to provide a platform for the emerging authors and photographers. Unnati has very neatly picked-up two gaps - in publishing and in photography - both of which needed faster delivery of their respective products to their customers. She has provided a platform for many wannabe authors [who would otherwise find it very difficult to publish their piece of writing] and for many photography enthusiasts who can do much more with their hobby. Read more in my interview with Unnati Narang, to understand what SereneWoods is all about.