Sunday, March 27, 2011

Interview With Aparna and Rema, Hera Planners

Featuring Women Entrepreneurs
Aparna Viswanathan and Rema Sivaram, Hera Planners
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Capture The Household Sector]

Aparna Viswanathan

Rema Sivaram
Hera Planners are the wedding planners who give personalized attention and arrange signature weddings for their clients. They take care of every detail and come up with holistic preparations. The client's family gets to enjoy the special occasion of wedding without the burden of co-ordination and arrangements. It is a novel idea which has its merit in the western world and is catching up fast in Indian urban market too. Aparna and Rema found Hera Planners with a vision to capitalize on their passion and to capture this market by forming Hera Planers. Read their story in an interview with these women entrepreneurs.